March 14th, 2015



Hi all,
This is now a semi friends-only journal, as I really don't want to let everyone see all the personal and *sometimes* very pissed-off ranting.
However, if I do have anything to share, it'll be made public FOR SURE, so there isn't a need to add me as a friend unless you somehow really want to know the details of how my day goes or stuff like that.

Credit to minty_peach for the amazing layout ^^ I just made some minor modifications to it in terms of color and some positioning issues, as well as the custom user icon, and credit to xeryne for the header image, from her Dareka ga Watashi ni Kiss wo Shita Pamphlet scans, visit her LJ to download ^^
For the layout, I've tried to make it look consistent with ALL the browsers, but it may look different if you are using Internet Explorer, since I edited it while using Firefox.